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5 weeks notice is a standard requirement for ALL reservations as our ducks take 28 days to hatch!

We supply the eggs ready to hatch and our program lasts for 12 days.

We deliver our duck eggs on a Monday unless there is a public holiday then we deliver the following day. ‍

Our program costs $429 including gst. ‍ Just complete the form below to send your Booking Request. ‍

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you to confirm your reservation


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Current Duck Hatching Program includes GST
For every program order you will receive a tax invoice upon receipt of your payment.


Hatch'n'Grow ducks take 28days in incubation to hatch. Our ducks are delivered at day 27 of this period, You should start to see your first hatchlings within 24 to 48hours after delivery.


The Hatch'n'Grow Program runs for 12days. (2 x School Weeks, usually Monday to Friday)


Any hatching concerns please do not hesitate in contacting us as each case is usually different.


Pekin Cross.


You can't tell the sex of a duckling while its still in its egg, however Hatch'n'Grow eggs do have both male & female ducks inside. When they hatch the only true way to tell the sex of the ducklings is by sexing them which is a profession in itself, which involves pressing on the cloaca (the backside).


Our ducks start of by eating duck starter feed, then as they grow larger, duck grower feed pellets will do the job.
This mixture contains wheat, protein in the form of soyabean meal, meat meal vitamins & minerals & vegetable fats.
Our feed does NOT contain any hormones or antibiotics!
Duck will also eat gardens & vegetable scraps, plus insects & bugs. Fully grown ducks will even eat field mice or large frogs, small fish etc.


Yes, a shallow dish can be filled with water and the ducklings will swim for you.
However, PLEASE NOTE: Ducklings can drown if you don't provide a step for them to get out of the water by themselves.
Its always best to supervise the ducklings in the water and if at any time they look tired or cold put them back near their heat light for a rest.


The duck eggs are locked away in the Hatch Box until the ducklings hatch.
Once the ducklings hatch, all of the eggshell should be disposed of immediately if you are worried or concerned about allergic reactions. If allergic reactions are high, its best to take all precautions and only open the hatch box when children are not around.


NO, The flight has been breed out of our ducks which makes them great for pets.


If you have a duck(Female), it will lay eggs for you, however to lay Fertile eggs a duck must be housed with a drake(Male).

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